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Newsletter Summer term 1 - 2024

Term Dates 2024

Summer Term begins Monday 15th April

Half Term week Sun 26th May till Sun 2nd June

Term Finishes Monday 22nd July

Update from Miss Charlotte

What a fantastic Spring term we have had 'Follow your Dreams' annual show 2024, what can I say, what a huge success. All our students performed beautifully and the atmosphere backstage was electric. A huge thank you to our backstage team and chaperones for all your support and hard work we couldn't do it without you.

We have had a huge amount of class sign ups in our classes since the show, it has truly been mind blowing. The majority of our classes are now fully booked which is incredible thanks so much for your support. If you wish your child to join any additional classes with us that show as full on class4kids please join the waiting list and we will keep you posted on availability. If you have already added your child's name to the waiting list, Linda is currently working through this and will inform you shortly of whether there is a place available at this time.

There are a few events coming up over the coming term, so please take some time to make a note of key dates.

Once again thank you for your ongoing support and I look forward to another exciting term ahead.

Holiday camps and Summer fete performances

I am in the final stages of organising our annual summer holiday camp and summer fete performances and will send information on these as soon as possible.

End of Show costume statements

Linda is currently working on the end of show costume statements and these will be emailed to you in the next couple of weeks. Overpayments will be refunded via Class For Kids in due course. Also if you have an additional costume payment to pay this will be added as a covering charge to your next monthly fee payment which will come out on the 1st May. You will receive an email stating that you have taken additional classes in April but this will be the extra costume charge. This is a standard message that goes out through Class For Kids and unfortunately we can't change it. Please let Linda know if you have any queries as she aims to start charging and refunding from the 20th April. Please bear with us as there are over 145 statements to process.

October exams

Over the next half term the teachers will be looking at each class and assessing which classes are ready for examinations in October. Students will only be put forward if we feel they are ready so they progress at their individual rate not as a whole class. Parents will be contacted once we have assessed.

Uniform changes

We will be making a couple of changes to our current uniform as follows:

Jazz Shoes

We will be changing from black jazz shoes to tan jazz shoes. There is no hurry to change immediately but all students taking exams in October will be required to wear the tan jazz shoes for future exams. The tan shoes should be worn for the jazz part of the jazz/acro classes, the musical theatre class, the annual show and other outside events.

Ballet Tights

All students (except the Mini Starz) will now need to wear convertible tights for acro part of the jazz/acro class as I would like all children taking acro to be bare foot and not wear shoes. For those who are not sure what convertible tights are - there is a hole in the bottom and the tights can be rolled up to the ankles so the children do not slip and hurt themselves when bare foot.

Linda now has a stock of both of these items and they are listed on the DTA website. Although the ages 5-7 tights are currently out of stock with the supplier and Linda is waiting for them to come in.

Performance teams

We have recently received some enquiries about joining the performance teams. Whilst we encourage parents to let us know when their child is interested in the relevant age group team entry is by invitation only. However, we do make a note of interested parties and will consider sending out invites when we open the performance team bookings. The next time this will happen will be in October 2024 ready for next year's annual show. For those who are unfamiliar with what is involved please see below:

As a member of one of our teams students represent Dance Theatre Arts Academy in various events both locally and further afield.  Previous and current events include:


Disneyland ( Paris), West End theatre shows, Hornchurch Christmas lights, Summer fetes and the highlight of the year performing the opening and one other dance in the Annual Show.


What is the team entry criteria?

  • Entry into one of the teams is by invite only.

  • All team students must already take ballet, jazz and one other class.

  • Regular class and rehearsal attendance.

  • All members must be able to work as part of a team.

  • When representing the school all students must behave appropriately

  • All members must wear the correct DTA Academy team uniform.

  • Show costumes are provided by DTA but are subject to a hire charge to cover the cost of wear and tear.

  • Junior, middle/pre-senior performance team classes are held weekly on a Wednesday at Ardleigh House.

  • Senior performance team classes are held weekly on a Monday at Ardleigh House.


The school reserves the right to remove a student if they have irregular attendance.  They will also be asked to leave if they only want to take part in the Annual Show numbers.   We do not expect all students to attend all outside events but they must take part in some during the year.

Website info hub

We are now adding important information to our website on the NEW DTA info hub page. Currently you can find information about forthcoming shows, show FAQs, term dates, uniform size guides, our policies and terms & conditions. The show information includes everything you need to know - times, dates, costumes, costs. Hopefully this will make it easier to access important information and you will not have to scroll through hundreds of emails. We are updating this all the time so please regularly check the page for updates.


  • Students are offered a trial session.

  •  Yearly fees have been divided into 12 equal monthly payments and are payable over a 12 month period (this includes the August summer holidays).

  • All fees are paid in advance via direct debit on the first of each month.

  • Once the trial session has been completed any additional fees due in the current month will be added to the next month’s fees and will be taken on the 1st of the next month.

  •  In the event that a parent wishes to cancel classes at the end of the school year – the last payment will be taken on the 1st August as this will complete that year’s payable fees.

  • In the event of classes being cancelled Dance Theatre Arts Academy will reschedule the sessions, unfortunately if students cannot attend no refunds will be issued.

  • There are no reductions for missed classes due to sickness, holiday, school events etc.

  • If you decide to withdraw your child from Dance Theatre Arts Academy classes a month’s notice is required in writing.

  • All class fees, exam fees, event fees and show fees are non-refundable.

  • Fees will be reviewed annually.

Fees will be charged as follows:

45 minute class = £22.00 per month

60 minute class = £27.00 per month

30 minute class = £14.00 per month (seniors only)

75 minute class = £29.00 per month (seniors only)


May Day bank holiday no classes - Monday 6th May

Award presentation day - for all Junior, Middle, Pre-Senior and Senior students - 13th July 2024

Mini Starz - Watching week 13th July 2024

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Best wishes

Charlotte Thompson


Dance Theatre Arts Academy

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