Pre-Senior & Senior Classes
Ages 11 years +

At senior level students continue to work on becoming an all round performer using a variety of strategies as well as building key life skills such as self-esteem, discipline and confidence.  They also have the opportunity to apply to become a Student Assistant or DTA Ambassador.  Student Assistants have the opportunity to develop organisational skills, resilence and self evaluation by assisting the teachers in the younger children's classes. The DTA Ambassadors regularly meet up with the Principal to discuss their ideas for moving the school forward and assisting with fund raising.  The focus is to give the students the tools to aid them in the future.


Monday & Wednesday classes are held at Ardleigh Community Association, Hornchurch, RM11 2LG



5.15 - 6.15  Musical Theatre Performance Team (invite only)                      

6.15 - 7.00  Pre-Senior/Senior Street Dance

7.00 - 7.45  Senior Ballet (exam class)


5.45 - 6.30  Middle/Pre-Senior Performance Team (invite only)

5.45 - 6.30  Senior Tap - Studio 2

6.30 - 7.30  Senior Ballet Technique & Pointe

7.30 - 8.30  Senior Dance Performance Team (invite only)


Saturday -  Benhurst Primary School, Hornchurch, RM12 4QS


Studio 1

2.00 - 3.00  Grade 4 Ballet

3.00 - 4.15  Senior Modern Jazz & Acro

Studio 2

1.15 - 2.00  Grade 3 Tap

2.00 - 3.00  Grade 3 Ballet

3.00 - 4.15  Pre-Senior Modern Jazz & Acro


Students are initially allocated a place in the class/es by age.  However, we do take each child as an individual and  they may be moved into a different level class which is more suitable for their ability. 

All children are offered a FREE TRIAL before signing up for classes.

Ballet classes

We offer a range of strategies to progress ballet technique, flexibility and artistry skills.  At senior level students also focus on demi-pointe and pointe work.  We recommend that all students take two ballet classes per week if they wish to continue taking ISTD ballet examinations.  Students also have regular opportunities to choreograph their own routines.  


Tap classes

Tap classes focus on a range of tap styles and build on the foundations learnt in the earlier tap classes.  Classes work on performance skills such as musicality, expression and timing.  All students can continue to work through the ISTD grades.


Modern Jazz

Modern Jazz showcase a dancer's individual style and originality and consists of unique moves, fancy footwork, big leaps and quick turns.  

Acro Dance

Acro Dance develops fundamental acrobatic technique and teaching skills such as handstands, elbow stands, cartwheels, back bends and walkovers all at each student’s individual level of experience.   We continue to develop each student using the Acrobatic Arts programme.

Senior Musical Theatre Performance Team

Senior students continue to gain experience of acting through storytelling, games and improvisation.  These techniques focus on improving eye-contact, focus and confidence.   The voice lessons help vocalists increase vocal range and build vocal strength as well as develop multiple vocal styles and gain confidence for live performance.  All students attending this class will have attended earlier Musical Theatre classes and entry is by invitation only.  There are opportunities to learn song and dance routines and perform at various events.