Terms & Conditions

COVID-19 TERMS AND CONDITIONS – please read carefully


All parents and students should take time to carefully read the following precautions to ensure we operate a safe environment when returning in September 2020:-


  • All parents must sign up to the new Customer Portal before their child can attend class.  This enables all parents to view and agree our policies as well as making sure the contact information we keep is up-to-date for your child in the event we need to contact you during class.   

  • We will use this data to assist track & trace.  Although it is advised, it is not mandatory so please let us know if you would prefer to opt out.

  • Your child may not attend lessons if they or anyone in the family display or have symptoms associated with COVID-19. This includes persistent cough, high temperature or fever, sore throat, loss of taste or smell.

  • The staff will need verbal confirmation from the parent/carer on arrival at the venue that their child has not been displaying any signs or symptons of COVID-19 before entering class.

  • Parents are no longer permitted to enter the building (under 5’s may be accompanied by one adult who can take them to the door of the studio - no parent must enter the studio).

  • Please email any questions or concerns you may have so that we can address these prior to you attending the studio.

  • Children must sanitise their hands on arrival and departure.  Sanitise stations have been placed by both the entrance and exit to each studio.


Classes will operate as follows:


Studio 1 (Main Hall) with a maximum of 13 students.

Studio 2 (Reception classrooms) with a maximum of 13 students.

Studio 3 (Dining Hall) with a maximum of 11 students.


  • Each studio will have a dedicated entrance and exit. 

  • Staff will meet the students at the relevant entrance point and register the children for class. 

  • All studios will be marked out to help the students observe social distancing at all times. 

  • PPE equipment may be worn by choice but please note that it is not required for exercising.

  • Pupils/students may only attend classes in full uniform; no bags or unnecessary items are to be brought into the studio.  Please note that no student will be allowed to change onsite.

  • All students must wear dance shoes for class – no bare feet for the time being.

  • Students are only allowed to bring a water bottle with them into class.


Please encourage your daughter/son to go to the toilet prior to leaving home. If they do require the toilet when at the studio; only one student will be allowed at a time.


  • All Studio doors will be left open to increase ventilation.

  • Dancers will have an allocated dance space to adhere to social distancing.

  • Once class has finished, the children will be led from the relevant studio to the designated pick up point.

  • No parents are allowed to enter the building to wait. 

  • No child will be allowed to leave the premises with another family.  Please restrict the number of people picking up to a maximum to 2.


New risk assessments have been issued to comply with COVID-19. These will be available to view on the Customer Portal and on our website.  


Signage for guidance will be displayed within the venue to remind all users about safety.


Staff have been supplied with cleaning facilities to sanitise between each class.





  • All students will be offered the first week’s classes as FREE TRIAL sessions.  Once the free trial has been completed an invoice will be issued for the remaining weeks in that half-term. 

  • All invoices for the following term will be sent two weeks before the end of the current half-term.

  • Full payment must be paid by the last day of the half-term in which it is sent.       

  • Payments must be paid through the Customer Portal or by Bank Transfer only. 

  • If the invoice is incorrect or not received contact Dance Theatre Arts Academy immediately.

  • All siblings within the same family are offered a 10% sibling discount.

  • There are no reductions for missed classes due to sickness, holidays etc.

  • Late payments - a £10.00 late charge will be added and the invoice will be re-issued.  Failure to pay this charge will result in it being added to the next invoice. 

  • If outstanding fees have not been paid by the end of the following term, the matter will be  forwarded to a collection agency.

  • Fees will be reviewed annually.


Class Changes and Cancellations


  • Student changes to classes – to add or remove a class you must contact the Dance Theatre Arts Academy office.  It is not your teachers’ responsibility to pass this information on.

  • Student Cancellation of classes – if you do not want to continue class/es with Dance Theatre Arts Academy in the following half-term, it is your responsibility to inform the office before commencement of the half-term, or the ½ term fees will be charged.


Dance Theatre Arts Academy Class Cancellations


On the rare occasion that the class/es cannot go ahead due to teacher illness, adverse weather conditions or an other unavoidable event an alternative class or another date will be offered to make up for the lost lesson/s.  If your child cannot attend the alternative on offer a refund WILL NOT be given.  However if an alternative date/class is not possible, any fees already paid will be refunded.


ISTD and IDTA Examinations


All students are given the opportunity to take ISTD ballet & tap and IDTA examinations for other genres.  These are not compulsory but do give the students a sense of achievement. 


Competitions and the Dance Theatre Arts Company


If  you are invited to join one of the Dance Theatre Arts Companies or choose to enter a solo or duet in festivals/competitions it is compulsory that you purchase the team uniform and attend the additional company or private lessons.  Attendance will be monitored and should you fail to attend the lessons or do not take part in a performance then your place may be offered to someone else.  All private lesson payments must be paid upfront.


Annual Shows


  • If you wish to take part in the Dance Theatre Arts Academy Annual Show a show information pack will be sent out to all parents approximately 6-9 months in advance of the show date.

  • Costume and Show Fees must be purchased by parents – details will be included in the pack including costs.

  • Costume and Show Fee payments can be made in instalments or in full by the date listed in the pack. 

  • Students costumes will not be ordered until full payment has been received. 

  • All students are required to attend all rehearsals and all show day performances as detailed in the information pack.  Failure to do so may result in the child being removed from the show as their absence has an adverse effect on the other students in the dance.


Code of Conduct


Dance Theatre Arts Academy expect all children and their parents to treat others as they would expect to be treated themselves encouraging enthusiasm and positivity.  As Dance Theatre Arts Academy strives to be a happy environment, negative comments about other students or parents are not welcome. In the event that we consider you to be in breech of these terms & conditions or that your child is disruptive to other students or staff, teachers or venue staff, we reserve the right to exclude your child from any activity with Dance Theatre Arts Academy.


Parents should be aware that physical contact maybe necessary when helping to demonstrate or correct a student. To realign students bodies and put them into the correct positions to improve their technique.  We do not accept liability for personal injury or illness to any child attending class.


  • Students should be punctual to lessons and may be refused entry should they turn up late for a lesson if the teacher feels that this will disrupt the class.

  • Dance Theatre Arts Academy is only responsible for the safety of your child during lesson times. You must ensure that you stay with your child until the class begins and arrive  promptly to pick up your child after the class finishes. 

  • Parents are also politely asked to recognise that sitting in on class is not permitted (this excludes the Little Bear Feet class which is a parent/child participation session).

  • Parents will get the opportunity to see their children perform from time to time at the discretion of the relevant teacher and through taking part in the Annual Shows. 

  • We do not accept responsibility for any loss or expense due to circumstances beyond our control ie: transport, fire, weather or other unavoidable situations.



  • It is compulsory that all children (with the exception of the Little Bear Feet classes) are required to wear the set uniform for each class they attend.

  • Girls are required to put their hair in a bun at the back of the head for ballet and tied back neatly for all other classes.

  • Kidspace classes - Kidspace require children to change into appropriate attire before entering their play areas – ballet uniform is not to be worn.

  • All uniform is available to order through the the school email – lindasdanceshop@gmail.com or from our online uniform school – https://dta.mydancestore.co.uk

  • NO jewellery must be worn in class.


Personal Property 


  • Dance Theatre Arts Academy cannot undertake any responsibility for any money, valuables or articles of clothing left behind after classes or performances. 

  • Valuables that are brought onto the premises are the responsibility of their owner. 

  • Damage or loss of property is not the responsibility of Dance Theatre Arts Academy teachers or the relevant venue.

  • Any items found will be placed in the lost property bag. Any items that are not claimed by the end of the term will be disposed of.


Mobile Phones, tablets and ipads


  • Dance Theatre Arts Academy does not take any responsibility for phones, tablets, ipads that are lost, stolen or damaged. 

  • If a student needs to use their phone in case of emerency, they should ask a teacher in the class for permission.

  • All cell phones including parents must be on silent mode, if making a call please leave the room.

  • Students phones are to remain in their bags and not touched during a lesson.


Food and Drink


  • No food or drink will be allowed during lesson time, with the exception of water.

  • Teachers will give the students suitable drink breaks.

  • Lunch breaks have been scheduled into Dance Theatre Arts Academy timetables. 


Personal Information


To sign up for classes we ask that you fill in the online registration form on the Dance Theatre Arts Academy website – www.dancetheatreartsacademy.co.uk.  When signing up for our classes you will be asked for personal information and an emergency contact number.  It is your responsibility to ensure that we have the correct details for you and your child and keep us updated of any changes to contact details or health issues.  This can be done through the Customer Portal which will be available to all parents when the student has fully enrolled in Dance Theatre Arts Academy classes.  All personal information practices follow the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679)GDPR (implemented 28th May 2018).  A full copy of the Dance Theatre Arts Academy Privacy Policy is available on the Customer Portal or the Dance Theatre Arts Academy website.

Photo Policy and Consent Form


Dance Theatre Arts Academy will also take photos of the students in class and at special events for advertising purposes.  


Photos may be used for the following:


  • Production of flyers, advertisement in newspapers for advertising purposes. 

  • Website open pages for advertising purposes.

  • Facebook, Twitter and Instagram open pages for advertising the school.  Please note that these are linked and content placed on one page will automatically appear on the other pages. 

  • Website and Facebook closed pages for parents viewing only.

  • You Tube Dance Theatre Arts Academy page.

  • Annual School Show – photos and videos will be taken during performances – please note if you do not want your child to be photographed they will NOT be able to take part in shows. 


All parents agree to photos being used by accepting the Dance Theatre Arts Academy Terms and Conditions.  If you do not want your child to be photographed for any of the above uses please let us know in writing detailing your exact requirements.


Online classes


Dance Theatre Arts Academy will not be held responsible for any damage or injuries incurred during online dance classes.  Participants must agree to follow the sensible precautions before taking part in any online dance class.


  • There should be a minimum of 2mSq of floor space and a minimum 2 metre clearance from floor to ceiling per participant in the room when undertaking the dance/exercise class.

  • There is no glass, china or other breakable material that may lead to injury in the room for the duration of the dance/exercise.

  • For any participant aged under 16, an appropriate adult (parent/carer 18+) must be present in the room at the same time.

  • If the participant is unable to follow the instructor’s instructions they should cease the class immediately until it is possible to ask the instructor for further guidance.

  • Participants should have access to water in a closable/spill proof container.

  • There should be a maximum of two participants undertaking the dance class in the room at any one time (or two participants plus one supervising adult).

  • There are no animals in the room for the duration of the dance class.

  • No photography or videoing is permitted unless authorised by the principal.

  • All participates are required to wear suitable dancewear for online classes.


Online classes are for Dance Theatre Arts Academy members only and strictly the copyright of Dance Theatre Arts Academy they are not to be shared, duplicated or published on any other platforms.


Dance Theatre Arts Academy reserves the right to amend or alter these terms and conditions at any

time without prior notice.


Last updated 20th August 2020