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Middle Classes
Ages 7-11 years

Ballet & Tap Combination classes 

These classes teach children good technique through the use of stories, props and mime.  This  is so important for a child if they wish to progress through the more formal grades.  All students are given the opportunity to take ISTD or IDTA examinations if they wish.  We strongly recommend that all children take these combination classes as they teach the foundations that are used across all styles of dance.  

Modern Jazz & Acro Dance Combination classes 

This is a fun, progressive class where the children work on developing their flexibility, strength and strong technique.  Acro Dance is a combination of the artistic qualities of dance and the athleticism of acrobatics.  We follow the Acrobatic Arts program which works on teaching flexibility, strength, balance, limbering and tumbling.  Modern Jazz works on strong techniques required to perform leaps, kicks and turns and is perfect for children who love to dance to the latest chart and pop music.  The children learn new cool moves both individually and in a group and will perform these routines in the school shows.  Both syllabi work on progression and there are opportunities for students to work towards taking medal tests and examinations. 

Singing, Drama & Musical Theatre Combination classes 

Drama and Musical Theatre students gain experience of acting through storytelling, games and improvisation.  They also learn songs from a wide range of Musicals.  Skills taught focus on improving eye-contact, building self-confidence, developing creativity and social development which are all key elements required when performing to an audience.  Students will be given regular opportunities to showcase their skills by performing in regular showcases, the annual show held in a local theatre and other events arranged by DTA Academy.