Junior Classes

Junior Classes
School Years 1 & 2

Junior students can choose from a wide range of classes which focus on building confidence and having fun whilst learning the important foundations of excellent dance technique. Our highly accomplished teachers are passionate about getting the best out of each and every child.


Why not take advantage of our discounted Introductory Session - we can't wait to see you!  Have a look below at the selection of classes we offer for this age group.

Junior Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre combines drama, singing and dance.  Working on songs, scripts and dance routines from a range of well known musicals.  Skills taught focus on improving eye-contact, building self-confidence, developing creativity and social development. 

Junior Street Dance

Is fast paced and is perfect for children who need to burn energy.  Using the latest pop tunes they will learn new and funky moves which encourage creativity and build confidence.  They will learn routines both as an individual and in a group. 

Junior Ballet and Tap Combination Classes




These classes teach children good dance technique through the use of stories, props and mime.  All students are given the opportunity to take ISTD or IDTA examinations if they wish.  We strongly recommend that all children take these combination classes as they teach the foundations that are used across all styles of dance.   


Junior Modern Jazz & Acro Dance Combination Classes


This is a fun, progressive class where the children work on developing their flexibility, strength and strong technique.  Acro Dance is a combination of the artistic qualities of dance and the athleticism of acrobatics.  Modern Jazz is ​perfect for children who love to dance to the latest chart and pop music.  Children will also cover IDTA syllabus work and develop strength and technique.